Cookies policy

What is a "cookie"?

A "Cookie" or plotter is an electronic file deposited on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, ...) and read for example when consulting a website, reading an email, installing or using a software or a mobile application regardless of the type of terminal used . (source: CNIL )

By navigating on the one of the sites of The Company, "cookies" from the company responsible for the site and / or third-party companies may be placed on your device.

During the first navigation on a site of The Company, an explanatory banner on the use of "cookies" will appear. Therefore, by continuing the navigation, the customer and / or prospect will be deemed informed and have accepted the use of said "cookies". The consent given will be valid for a period of thirteen (13) months. If you manually clear the chartplotters and cookies in your browser, the acceptance request operation will be repeated.

Information and consent for the use of cookies will be separately for each of the websites of The Company.

The "cookies" used by the site (s) of The Company are as follows:

- Name of the "cookie": _utma
- Type: Third party permanent cookie of statistics and follow up
- Company: Google Inc.
- "Cookie" purpose: This cookie is used to distinguish unique visitors to your site. The latter is updated on every page viewed.
- Lifespan: 2 years
- Name of the "cookie": _utmb
- Type: Permanent third-party statistical and tracking cookie - Company: Google Inc
- Purpose of the "cookie": This cookie is used to follow the visitor's visit session. This cookie expires as soon as the user remains idle on your site for more than 30 minutes. The use of this cookie coupled with the utmc cookie makes it possible to follow the visits (sessions) on a given site.
- Lifespan: 30 minutes
- Name of "cookie": _utmc
- Type: Third Party Cookie
- Company: Google Inc
- "Cookie" purpose: This cookie works in addition to the __utmb cookie to determine whether or not there is a new visit by the current unique visitor. - Lifetime: Expires at the end of your session. ----
- Name of the "cookie": _utmz
- Type:
- Company: Google Inc
- Purpose of the "cookie": This cookie stores all the information useful for the identification from a traffic source. It is in this cookie that the following information is stored: the source of traffic, the support of this source of traffic, the keyword typed if the user consults the site from a search engine, etc. By default, this cookie has a life of 6 months, however, you can modify this limit thanks to the function: _setCookieTimeout ()
- Lifespan: 6 months

Google Analytics Service

In order to accurately obtain an analysis and statistics of navigation on its site, The Company uses the Google Analytics Service on its website. This data is processed and stored on Google's servers, which comply with the Safe Harbor's security level, Decision 2000/520 / EC of 26/07/2000. All mentions and information about this service are available at:
To disable Google Analytics cookies, go directly to:

Consent It is possible to refuse Cookies, by removing the Cookie of refusal or manually in your browser.

Depending on your browser, the cookie management setting will be:

- Internet Explorer ™
- Safari ™
- Chrome ™ - Firefox ™
- Opera™

The registration of a cookie in your terminal is essentially subordinate to your will, which you can express and modify at any time and for free through the choices offered to you by your browser software.

You can also refuse cookies by setting the browser, by disabling this feature. The Company disclaims all liability if you can not fully use the web pages of the sites requiring Cookies.

For more information on the use, management and removal of "cookies", for any type of browser, we invite you to consult the following link: CNIL .